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Smart Medicine in the 21st Century

Medical Practice is a Marriage of the Revenue Cycle and Clinical Operations

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Revenue Cycle
Clinical Operations

Do You Know the Answers to the Following Questions?

  • Monthly and YTD Cash Collections?
  • Cash Collections by Payer?
  • Cash Collections by Date of Service?
  • Claims Denials by Payer?
  • Reasons Your Claims are Being Denied?
Let us help you answer YES
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As a SmartMed Practice

  • You will remain an independent medical practice as long as you wish
  • You will have a team of people passionate about collecting cash owed to you,  allowing you to better manage your practice
  • You will know the reasons for medical claim denials
  • Your providers will be properly credentialed
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Top 5 Reasons Claims are Denied

  1. No Authorization / Referral for the Provided Service
  2. Not Medically Necessary (Inaccurate EH/R Documentation)
  3. Billing Additional Services During a Global Period
  4. Bundled Services / Duplicate Charge / Frequency Billing
  5. Inaccurate Patient Demographic Information

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